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Equal Coupling

Equal Coupling
Equal CouplingEqual CouplingEqual CouplingEqual Coupling
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Press fittings V profile
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Equal Couping
Press system
Material:Stainless steel AISI304/316L,carbon steel


Equal Couping(Style:CB10-10)
Nominal Size (mm) Nominal Size (Inches) L (mm) Z (mm) T1 (mm) DW (mm) T2 (mm)
12 3/8 30 10 1.5 15 1.0
15 1/2 31 11 1.5 18 1.0
20 3/4 34 13 1.5 22 1.2
25 1 40 17 1.5 28 1.2
32 11/4 47 21 1.5 35 1.5
40 11/2 56 25 1.5 42 1.5
50 2 67 31 1.5 54 1.5
65 21/2 128 68.3 2.0 76.1 2.0
80 3 139 74.3 2.0 88.9 2.0
100 4 178 105.3 2.0 108 2.0

Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Press Fittings (press fitting):
1.  Press fitting range:
Coupling -- Equal coupling, Reducing coupling, Slip coupling, coupling with male/ female threads;
Elbow -- Equal elbow, Elbow 90°, Elbow 45°, Reducing elbow, Elbow with plain end, Elbow with wall plate, and Elbow with male/ female threads;
Tee -- Equal tee, Reducing tee, Tee with wall plate, and Tee with male/ female threads;
Others-- Pipe cap, Pipe Bridge and Flange adapter.
2.  Material:  Stainless steel 304L, Edelstahl 1.4306/ Edelstahl 1.4301, AISI304L, Inox304L;
Stainless steel 316L, Edelstahl1.4404, AISI316L, Inox316L;                                            Galvanized carbon steel, 1.0034C-Stahl,Kohlenstoffstahl, ACCIAIO AL CARBONIO.
3.  Size: 3/8’’-4’’inch or as request,  pipe wall thickness: 1.0--2.0mm
Sizes range:
GB1 series’ sizes are: 15, 18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm. (Same size as Europe standard: DVGW W534:1995);
GB2 series’ sizes are: 15.88, 22.22, 28.58, 34.00, 42.7, 48.6, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm. (Same size as Japan standard: JIS G 3448-1980).
4.  Standard:
Press fitting standard:  (DIN) DVGW W534-1995;   (JIS) JWWA G116:2001; GB/T 19228.1-2003
Pipe standard: DIN10312:2003; GB/T 19228.2-2003
O-ring sealing standard: CEN EN 681-1:2006; GBT 19228.3-2003
5.  O-Ring Seal: "Chlorinated butyl rubber" (CIIR), EPDM, HNBR, NBR and FKM, etc.
6.  Galvanization
: all carbon steel pipe fittings are plated with rust-resistant zinc.
7.  Payment term: TT, irrevocable L/C at sight.   Price term: FOB, CIF and CNF.
8.  Anneal: all stainless steel pipe fittings are annealed in inert gases before packing.
9.  Advantages: Stainless steel press fitting is the best connection for thin wall stainless steel pipe, PE(X)-Al-PE(X) multiplayer pipe and SS-PE composite pipe. Easy and fast installation with simple press tools can save time and improve job productivity and profitability.
Low cost of labor
Security of hygiene
Reliability of the joints
Resistance to corrosion
Easy and quick way of laying
Compatible of press fitting system
Hydro thermo sanitary applications
Press fitting system made by best material
Zhengkang long-term experience in stainless pipeline industry
10.  Application: Versatility of press fittings can widely use in potable water system, water supply and drainage, heating and cooling water circulation system, fire services sprinkler system, gas system and etc.
11.  Characteristics:
Zhengkang pressfitting system is very easy and quick to install and only uses stainless steel AISI304 L316L, carbon steel.
The fittings used in Zhengkang pressfitting system have a toroidal chamber at their own ends inside which there's a EPDM/NBR gasket. This has a very strong resistance against aging. Compared with traditional pipeline system, it’s not only more economical, safer and healthier, but also easier and faster for installation with longer service life.
12.  Press fitting pipeline system was first adopted in Germany in 1960s, which is widely used in cold hand hot water supply, heating supply, fire protection, medicinal gas, industrial petroleum pipeline system, marine pipeline system etc.. Our pipes and fittings ZHENGKANG brand are adopted by many national key projects, such as the National Stadium (Nest), the Crown of East (Shanghai Expo), and the city for Asian Games, Kempinski Hotel, Iran Airport, etc.

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